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How to Become a Member


Our calendar year runs from January 1-December 31. Annual local dues are $24.00 per year and are not prorated. Dues are payable each January.  In order to be eligible for membership in the Alamo Chapter H.O.G., you must be an active National H.O.G. or BRAG member. Members are responsible for maintaining an active status of their National H.O.G. membership. Upon your paid local enrollment, Cowboy's Alamo City Harley-Davidson may offer discounts for select merchandise and parts. There may also be member-only events and specials offered throughout the year.

The chapter Secretary maintains an updated list of National H.O.G. memberships. You will be informed if your national membership has expired. If you do not renew in a timely manner, your local membership will be discontinued pending national membership renewal. You will not receive chapter discounts, emails or newsletters until your national and local dues are current.



Download and complete the enrollment form. There are a number of ways to turn it in - don't forget to include your $24.00 check for the yearly dues!
1. Drop it in the Alamo Chapter H.O.G. mailbox at Cowboy's Alamo City Harley-Davidson
2. Mail it to the address on the bottom of the form
3. Give it to the Membership Officer or Secretary at our next chapter meeting! Check the calendar for times and dates.

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