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Different ways to stay cool on a ride:


Don't let the weather hold you back!

Plan and prepare some different ways to stay cool on a ride 


  • Freeze your drinking water or gator aid bottles the night before, so you will always have a cool drink waiting
  • Misty Mate Deluxe 24oz Personal Mister, fits around the waist with an on & off switch to give an ultra spray of water to where ever you clamp the hose 
  • Frogg Togg or neck wrap dipped in water for around the neck
  • Dip a long sleeve cotton cover shirt in water and put it on over your T-shirt and have a chilly ride for 30 minutes plus
  • Tennis wrist bands dipped in cold water keep you cool and won't let you get sunburned in between the long sleeve shirt and gloves
  • Dump your ice maker into a small ice chest and have your own ice water for your neck wrap or cover shirt





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